Jon C. Ainbinder, M.A. P.C.C.

Jon Ainbinder, M.A. P.C.C., Jon C. Ainbinder grew up in the shopping center development business. Jon’s father was a successful shopping center developer and Jon has been in and around business for his entire life. Since 1986 Jon has traveled across the country and in several foreign countries speaking in colleges, churches and businesses, to audiences from all walks of life. With an engaging, witty speaking style, Jon holds his audience’s attention and leaves them highly motivated.

Jon is the President of Ainbinder Properties LLC in Northeast Georgia. He is also a Professional Corporate and Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Psychology, who has a desire to motivate, educate and encourage people, not just people in the corporate world. Jon is available for corporate seminars and/or personal coaching to help your corporation or you personally to identify and to attain your goals.

In this difficult financial climate you might ask the question, “can we afford a coach?” Great question!!! My question is, “In this difficult financial climate, can you afford not to have a coach?”

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