“The Life Change Coaching Leadership/Discipleship program has helped me in a lot of ways. First of all I have never truly had an accountability partner. I’ve always had a difficult time trusting people. Having accountability has made me…well… more accountable and conscious of the things that can easily make me stumble in my walk. The second thing that the program made me realize is that I have not spent enough time with my family. For nearly the past 5 years I have worked full time and have been taking full time college courses. This meant many nights alone in my room with the door locked to get my work done. In the very little downtime that I had I would do things that I wanted to do rather than take the time with my family. I’ve changed my priorities and now spend as much time as possible with my family. I’m done with my college courses, so being able to spend all of my down time doing something with my family is now a priority. I know that further changes will be made as we are constantly being molded as Christian men, but I believe that the LCC program is beneficial for everyone.” S.P.

“The LCC Leadership program has been a tremendous help to me in several ways. Through the group sessions with Jon, along with the books and videos, I have become much more aware of the huge responsibility I have to my children. It is so easy to get wrapped up in my daily life and to forget what my priorities should be as a Christian father. The Life Change program has also helped me to focus on being the Godly husband that I should be for my wife and to provide her the support she needs in her life. The information Jon has shared with me has made a very positive impact on my life. This has been a very worthy program to help me to become a better Christian man and I highly recommend it to any man that might be considering investing their time in the Life Change plan.” M.M.

“Being a part of a group of men that gather to fellowship and meet life’s temptations head on is truly inspiring. The Life Change Coaching program has truly enriched my walk with Christ.” Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17″ J.U.

“One of the difficult aspects of pastoring a church is remembering that at the end of the day you’re still just one of the guys. Men need a special kind of discipleship that involves other men. We know we need intentional, Christ centered, Biblically defined, male interaction, but we don’t always know how to accomplish it. The LCC discipleship program has provided our church with the tools and structure that we needed to begin intentionally pursuing the hearts of men. I firmly believe in Jon Ainbinder and his approach to discipleship. I also believe that walking with him for 12 months in the LCC program will enrich and strengthen your walk with Christ and growth as a godly man.” Pastor K.C.