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I have known Jon Ainbinder and his family for several years. I have really come to admire and appreciate his skills as a motivator and coach. Jon is a powerful and motivational speaker. While he hammers out his points in ways you can understand and apply, he is also hilarious, so you spend a good bit of time laughing. He has energy, knowledge and years of experience. I believe that businesses and individuals will benefit greatly from Jon's coaching, counseling and leadership/motivational talks.

Jerry G. Johnson
indoGO Auto Group
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"For many years I found myself struggling in my marriage. I wasn't happy and I felt that it was all my fault. I believed that if I just did "everything right" and was the perfect wife, everything would be ok and my marriage would improve. It didn’t.

I sought help thru Jon Ainbinder with Life Change Coaching and what he has coached me thru has truly been a blessing. He has helped me to stand up for myself when I was afraid to do that in my marriage. He has helped me see that I don't deserve to be treated the ways that I am treated in my marriage; as far as me being manipulated and controlled by my husband. Jon has helped me to see that I have allowed these things and the only way things will change is if I CHANGE...

He has also, with care and concern but firmness and commitment, coached me with dealing with situations that normally I would have just given in on . Like me being a "doormat" is NOT acceptable.

I would strongly recommend anyone having marriage problems that feels like there is no place to turn and feels so overwhelmed to seek out coaching thru Life Change. I personally have been helped and do not know where I would be if I hadn't sought coaching with Jon. I know that anyone that would truly seek to improve their marriage and themselves would be blessed and benefit from doing so."

C.W.- Maryland
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I have known Jon Ainbinder for over 3 years and traveled with him to Brasil on 2 trips. Jon`s background, education, and his personal style of coaching and counseling with an extensive variety of different cultural people is impressive. Jon is in my opinion extremely qualified to lead any business group in coaching and counseling classes with emphasis on positive principles as the basis for improving one`s associate relationships and skills for leadership. All would lead to an improved business environment with highly motivated associates. Jon is a people person, one who cares about all and desires to see everyone achieve his or her greatest potential.

Len Camden
Retired Marriott Hotel General Manager
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Jon brings a great wealth of helpful insight and wisdom in a very informative and interesting way! You can immediately apply these concepts in your business and personal life and will see long lasting change and fruit from your efforts. Jon blends many years of hands-on experience and education with a unique and humorous presentation that you won't ever forget. He is hilarious! I can think of no better investment in yourself and/or your business than to use Jon Ainbinder to personally coach, counsel, and guide you to the dreams you've always wanted to achieve!

Dr. Michael A. Lee
Lee Dental Group
Hartwell, GA
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I've known Jon Ainbinder for almost thirty years. I've always appreciated his ability to distill information and get to the point quickly, whether in public speaking or counseling. Jon has used his straight talk approach with a generous touch of humor to touch many lives in a positive manner, and I'm blessed to be able to call him my friend. I highly recommend Jon for speaking, coaching and counseling.

Ken Todd
Program Manager and Consulting Operations Leader
Houston TX