A FREE one session class on marriage. In this class I take things that I have learned and shared with hundreds of couples and I teach these principles either live or via a tele-class/webinar. The results that I have seen as a result of sharing these things with couples are truly amazing.

I would like to do them in a tele-class format so that people can sit in the privacy of their own homes on the phone or computer and participate and learn.

After the tele-class on a healthy marriage I will offer four tele-classes to people who want to go deeper and I will charge a small fee for the four classes. $25.00 each for all four of the follow up classes. That is dirt cheap! There is NO obligation and no pressure after the free class though.

Marital counseling frequently deals with the past hurts and problems and that is very needed. Marital Coaching says forgive and forget the past. Let’s look where you are right now in your relationship and where you want to be in your relationship. We then work on a plan to get you from point A. to point B.

“I work with couples to resolve
their relationship issues once
and for all so that they can
revive the love, passion,
respect, and fun that’s been
missing from their relationship.”

Here are some of the things that I will cover in the follow up tele- classes.

Vision for the Relationship
Becoming the Ideal Partner
The Five Laws of Relationships
How To Fight/How to Let Go of Upsets and Hurts