Counseling and Substance Abuse Services

The problem with the way that most classes on addiction and anger management are done, is that they take several months to complete the courses. They also cost a great deal of money and are usually in a different city than where the person lives. This is an issue since many of these people no longer have driver’s licenses. Many of these classes are excellent and very informative, but the client needs help immediately, before more damage is done to themselves, their families etc.

One of the Probation Officers that I work with suggested that we count the time that the person is in my class towards hours that they did community service. One Judge that I have worked with for many years said that he would give them 10 hours off of their Community Service hours for attending my class.

The idea here is to get the person the help that they need with addiction or anger NOW! Not in 3 months when they complete a course. My classes would be one session. One session on anger management and one session on addiction, relapse and recovery.

In order to determine if a person has a substance dependency problem, we administer the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory- (SASSI 3). We also conduct a follow- up interview with interpretations of the assessment. The cost for this assessment is $75.00. Each class costs a one- time fee of $250.00.


To facilitate communication and rehabilitation to individuals struggling with substance abuse, addiction, anger management and the dynamics of such (i.e. anger, depression, domestic violence etc.), in a convenient and affordable way.

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